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Welcome, Maddie

Welcome to our new blog site, Maddie. This will be a great place to share our thinking and learning over the next few weeks. As we read books, articles, and learn specific skills, this will be a place where we will get to learn from each other. This is going to be fun!

Welcome, Lily

Welcome to our new blog site, Lily. Over the next few weeks we will be using this site to help us share our learning as we read, respond, and write. I look forward to the opportunities we will have to learn as a group as we share our thinking based on books, articles, and topics we will be reading.

Welcome, Wyatt

Welcome to blogging, Wyatt. When you create a post for our blog page, you will categorize it to show under Wyatt’s Blog. However, whatever you post, will also posted on our main blog page. It will take some getting used to as we go along, yet I am confident that as a class we can learn to make this be a great place to share our thinking, learning, and reading through the rest of the year.

Welcome, Joey

Welcome to blogging, Joey. This is a test post to see if it works to have a post assigned to your blog page that I created for you. Hopefully this will work and we will be ready to get to work. Otherwise, we’ll be back to the drawing board.

Hello world!

Welcome to your brand new blog at Williamson County Schools Sites.

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