All about me


I’m Charley Green and I have learned many things about myself over the past few weeks. Some of the things I have learned are my personality,learning styles, and a little about what I want to be when I grow up.This post will be all about me!

I am a visual learner. This means I would rather see things than hear them when learning. It’s helpful to be visual when I have to look at diagrams on test, but can be a problem when we listen and respond to texts. I often need paper or a whiteboard to work out math questions. During reading I like to read on my own than to listen to the teacher read the passage.

The MBTI personality type test shows that I am an Introvert, perception, sensing, thinking, and judging person. These results mean i’m organized, logical, responsible, critical, and efficient. The introvert part means I get  my energy mostly when i’m alone but, I still enjoy being with friends and family. This test shows preferences rather than reality though, but most of my results are true.  

I want to be a 1st grade teacher. Using the information i’v learned, I think I’d be good at the job. I’m organized, so the classroom would always be clean and I am logical so I would figure out the best way to teach my class. Being efficient would also help. I could also figure out my students learning styles.Being a teacher may suit me.

I’m a visual learner. I’m organized and logical and I want to be a teacher. This past month I have learned a lot about myself. All the way from the type of learner I am to my personality.