July 27

Welcome to WCS!

The Instructional Technology Team welcomes about 350 new teachers to the district this week.  We are glad to guide these fresh faces to ‘test the waters’ integrating technology into a lessonNew Teacher Form Link Image.

First, clarification might be needed to recognize the difference between Information Technology and Instructional Technology.  Information Technology (IT) works with the infrastructure and the hardware. Instructional Technology supports software and instructional uses of technology. You will see Instructional Technology referred to as WCS EdTech.

This Prezi provides a guide to spark inquiry and facilitate learning.  Work through the activities accessed via the QR Code link or this URL to learn more about integrating technology into your lessons.

If you have questions relating to integrating technology into your classroom, be sure to contact your school’s tech coach.  We look forward to collaborating with you this year!

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