April 11

Google Tip #5 – It’s Nice To Share

One of the things we are taught early in life is that sharing is a nice thing to do.  That concept never changes throughout life.  Sharing makes the world a better place.

Teachers are encouraged to share with one another to make teaching and learning better for all.  Usually we are glad to share and do so freely.  Yet, sometimes we want to retain the original integrity of our creations.  Using G Suite tools makes it easy to share as well as easy to keep your original.

If you want to share one of your G Suite creations – a Document, a Sheet, or Slides – simply click the blue Share button and set so that anyone with the link can view.  Next, select Copy link and paste it to share with your intended audience or recipients.

Then, if the viewer would like his/her own copy, it is simple to click File and Make a copy.




There might be times when you know that each person will need his/her own copy without access to the original.  Forcing a copy is easy, even when not using Google Classroom.  All that is required is to copy the URL and change the last section back to the / from edit to copy.

Copy and paste this newly adapted URL.  Then, when the person on the sharing end clicks the link, he/she is asked: Would you like to make a copy of…? The person will click the blue: Make a copy option to have his/her own copy of your creation with no change or access to your original.

So, make the world a better place by following what you were taught in your early years:

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