May 2

Tuesday’s Tip! May 2, 2017

Did you know you can sort and categorize notes in Google Keep with just a click?

Simply add the Category Tabs for Google Keep Chrome Extension to enhance your Google Keep use.  This allows you to sort notes by color easily.  Categorizing can be as broad or specific as desired.  


Click on the menu button.


Scroll down to find Customize Categories.


A pop-up will appear where you can choose and check colors for category tabs.  Then, add a name for each color tab in the text boxes provided.

(Some features are limited to the web version and cannot be accessed using the mobile version on a phone or tablet.)

To quickly sort through notes is simple and straightforward.  Choose a color from the tab options at the top and all notes in that tab will be featured on your screen like the image at right where I clicked on the yellow category.  The other color notes and categories will be hidden.

Another option is to label notes and sort by that label using the side menu. When a note has been labeled, it will be indicated in the lower right of the note as pictured with the science label shown in the image on the right.

There is an option to see all notes as well as specific categories.  You can change the category of a note by changing its color.

Use Google Keep and the Category Tabs for Google Keep Chrome Extension to help you organize and keep you organized!



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