May 9

Tuesday’s Tip! – Create Google Drawings to Create Deeper Understanding

Now more than ever, we are a visual society.  Constant access to the internet has completely revolutionized the way we communicate.  According to Jessi Hempel, who writes for Fortune Magazine, “Pictures are no longer precious; there are just too many of them.  Once collected and preserved as art, or to document memories, they are now emerging as a new language, one that promises to be both more universally understood and accessible to anyone.”

So, now, more than ever, we need to include images and graphics into our communication.  One way to do that is by using Google Drawings to create charts, memes, comics, and infographics which solidify new ideas in our minds.  Matt Miller says that by creating drawings, students get a firmer grasp on the content they are learning.  

Google Drawings gives us a blank canvas.  We can add text, images, shapes, and lines to fully convey our ideas.  It is easy to layer and add these items into a Drawing to create something new and different.  The image at left is a perfect example of a seemingly simplistic example of using a Google Drawing to convey a student’s command of Spanish.  The lesson’s standard of focus was 1.3 Presentational Communication: Students present information, concepts, and ideas to inform, explain, persuade, and narrate on a variety of topics using appropriate media and adapting to various audiences of listeners, readers, or viewers.
1.3.1 Describe assorted objects and people (e.g. dress, types of dwellings, foods).

At right is a breakdown of what was included in the Drawing above.  It includes multiple layered images, shapes, drawing, and text.  To extend the student’s thinking, the teacher could ask the student to explain the creation, justify their choices for the creation, or add more Drawings to it to make a conversation or series.

Google Drawings is one of the most underused tools in the entire GSuite collection!



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