August 22

Tuesday Tip! G Suite Explore Button

The G Suite Explore button is a handy tool when working in a G Suite app.  It offers the opportunity to search for more information and get suggestions without ever leaving the app.  The Explore button is found in the lower left of the screen when working in a G Suite app.

The suggestions and information relate directly to the app being used – Slides suggestions while working in Slides, Spreadsheet suggestions while working in Sheets, etc.  Just hover over the button and it will expand a bit.

Upon clicking on the button, a sidebar will pop up on the right-hand side of the screen.  Suggestions will be offered based on the app you are using and the topic you have included as you are creating.  For example, when compiling ideas and resources for a HyperDoc focused on the solar eclipse, the Explore button offered the suggestions seen in the image on the left.

After entering information in the search bar, more suggestions were offered and different tabs were available.  The first tab offers suggestions found on the web as shown on the left in the image below.  The second tab offers suggested images and can be seen in the center of the image below.  The other tab shows items saved within Google Drive.


So, when working in a G Suite app, take a little time to Explore!




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Posted August 22, 2017 by Beverly Ozburn in category Tech Coach Tips

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