September 20

Tuesday Tip! What can Parents See in my Google Classroom?

There are two ways for parents to monitor what is expected of their student in Google Classroom.  One way is to use the student’s credentials and log in to get the student’s perspective.  Parents/guardians can just ask their student for his/her username and password or can visit his/her school to get that information.  Then, navigate to to enter the student email and password and explore.

The second way for parents/guardians to monitor Google Classroom expectations of their student is for the teacher to invite guardians to sign up for a summary.  Frequency of summaries could be daily or weekly and guardians can choose their preference.


Teachers simply go to the Students tab and choose Invite Students.  Enter the  parent/guardian email address and choose Invite.




For more information about guardian summaries, check out Communicate with Guardians.  If you would like to share an example and information with guardians about Google Classroom summaries, check out Classroom Email Summaries for Guardians and Guardian Email Summaries FAQ.


Google Classroom is a great communication tool for teachers, students, and  parents.  Open the virtual window to your online classroom and give folks a peek into all the wonderful learning taking place there!

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