October 10

Tuesday Tip! Inviting Teachers to a Google Classroom

Did you know you can invite other teachers to be a co-teacher your Google Classroom?

When the invitation is accepted, both teachers can coordinate class activities.  This is especially helpful if there is a student support co-teacher for a class, if a teacher must be out of the building for an extended time, or if a student suddenly becomes home-bound, for example. 

To invite a co-teacher (or up to 19 other co-teachers), go to About at the top of the Classroom screen.

Choose Invite Teachers and enter the teacher’s district Gmail address.

When the invited teacher logs into Google Classroom, the invitation can be accepted and collaboration and coordination can be shared in the Google Classroom.

To learn more about co-teaching in Google Classroom, check out the Google For Education Classroom Help page.

Watch for other tips about Google Classroom, including transfer of ownership, in upcoming #WCSEdTech posts!


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Posted October 10, 2017 by Beverly Ozburn in category Google Apps for Education (G Suite), Tech Coach Tips

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