October 23

Discovery Education: Sharing Content

There are many ways to share Discovery Education content.  Let’s take a look at a few.

Direct to Google Classroom
Discovery Education makes it easy to share directly to Google Classroom as an assignment, question, or announcement.  After clicking the link in the Classroom stream, students will sign into their Discovery Education account. 

Click on the image above to view the active GIF.

Copy and Share a Link
Copying a link to content allows for easy sharing to any resource that allows links.  Links can be placed in HyperDocs, Padlets, G Suite Tools…the list goes on and on!  Posting a link is a great way to share content because users will be prompted to log into their Discovery Education account, protecting content from being accessed by non-subscribers. 


Add to Builder
Users can easily add content directly to Assignment Builder, Writing Prompt Builder, or Board Builder. Assignment Builder and Writing Prompt Builder allow for sharing by URL or assigning to classes if you have set up classes within the program.  


Assign in Discovery Education
This option requires teachers to create classes.  Student users will see the assignment upon logging into Discovery Education.



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