December 5

Tuesday Tip! Accessing G Suite Tools

In our district we are fortunate to have a Dashboard App which allows us to access all our favorites from one place.  But what happens when that Dashboard App is not accessible.  At first we sort of flounder like when the electrical power goes out and we still turn on the light switch anyway.  Next, we look to our Bookmarks and hope we have saved some of our favorites there.

Image result for G SuiteThere is an easy way to access our favorite G Suite tools when this happens.  For example, to access your Google Drive where all your files are stored in G Suite, simply enter the following into the omnibar:

You may have to log in to your account by entering your username and password or your Gmail address, and you may want to sign in to Chrome as well.

If you would prefer to go straight to a different G Suite tool, access is very similar:

For Classroom –

For Docs –

For Drawings –

For Forms –

For My Maps –

For Sheets –

For Sites –

For Slides –

So, don’t just shut down when it seems all systems are not on go, look for another access point and keep rolling along!

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Posted December 5, 2017 by Beverly Ozburn in category Google Apps for Education (G Suite), Tech Coach Tips

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