February 6

Tuesday Tip! Efficiency in Google Classroom with Share to Classroom

Today’s #WCSEdTech tip is all about teacher efficiency in Google Classroom and how you can quickly and easily push webpages to any of your Google Classrooms, so they open instantly on students’ computers.

First, find Share to Classroom in the Chrome Web Store and Add to Chrome.
Note: If you are using a WCS device, this extension may already be added to Chrome. 

The Share to Classroom icon will appear in the Chrome toolbar.


Clicking the Share to Classroom icon will open up a window allowing you to select a classroom with which you would like to share a website.

After selecting the classroom, there will be an option to Push, or you can use the down-arrow to select another option like Create assignment, Ask question, or Make announcement.

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Posted February 6, 2018 by Renee Keeler in category Chrome Extensions, Google Apps for Education (G Suite), Tech Coach Tips

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