December 7

Join us for a #WCSEdTech Hangout!

Session Description: Keep the communication flowing in your classroom with Google Keep! In this session participants will learn how to create, share and use notes for student communication, collaboration, and teacher feedback. Learn how to add images, grab image text, and organize notes for research and then integrate all into Google Docs. This session will be interactive and provide participants with resources for integrating Keep into the classroom.

Instructional Technology Coaches will be at supported satellite locations:

Hillsboro Elem/Middle Library

Franklin High Library

Mill Creek Middle Library

What is an EdTech Hangout?  
Participants join an online workshop where they interact and collaborate with one another at satellite locations.  In supported sites, a tech coach will be on-site to provide technical support and guidance for participants.

December 5

Tuesday Tip! Accessing G Suite Tools

In our district we are fortunate to have a Dashboard App which allows us to access all our favorites from one place.  But what happens when that Dashboard App is not accessible.  At first we sort of flounder like when the electrical power goes out and we still turn on the light switch anyway.  Next, we look to our Bookmarks and hope we have saved some of our favorites there.

Image result for G SuiteThere is an easy way to access our favorite G Suite tools when this happens.  For example, to access your Google Drive where all your files are stored in G Suite, simply enter the following into the omnibar:

Continue reading

December 5

Tuesday Tip! More Manipulating Google URLs

Last week we shared the Sir Links-a-Lot Chrome Extension, which makes manipulating G Suite product URLs a quick and easy process.  But, what if you are the recipient of one of those items and you don’t know for certain that you want a copy of this item?  Then, manipulate the URL so that you can see it without making a copy.  The process is as simple as this:

At the end of the URL is the word copy

 Change that word to view

Then, if a copy of the item is desired, simply choose File and Make a copy…

The same principal works when the URL ends with preview or template/preview or export?format=pdf

So, don’t feel as if you have to clutter up your Google Drive when all you want to do is view – manipulate that URL and view to your heart’s content!

November 29

Join us at TETC!

Several members of the #WCSEdTech team will be facilitating workshops at the Tennessee Educational Technology Conference at Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, this week.  We hope you will join us!

Wednesday, November 29

Time Location Title Facilitator Description
1:00 PM Oakleigh C Choose Your Own
Course: Walk to Google
Apps Waterfall, Trek
down Tool Smashing
Trail, or Ascend
Assessment Mountain
Stacy Jennings Looking for a Sit & Get, THIS AIN’T IT! Bring a device and choose your own technology integration adventure! Work actively to investigate numerous research, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity online tools. Explore a vast range of technology integration ideas, use various technology tools to create student products, or examine online resources that collect real time data. More resources than you can explore in 1 hour!!!
2:10 PM Broadlands B Hype Up Learning with
Beverly Noland Ozburn Experience how using a HyperDoc to guide a curriculum unit can prompt critical thinking, encourage collaboration, and promote differentiated learning as the facilitator guides participants through a HyperDoc unit. Then, learn how simple G Suite tools can be used to create HyperDocs.
3:25 PM Oakleigh C You need what? Quick,
Beverly Noland Ozburn Need a diagram, a timeline, a graphic, or a digital poster? Quick! Draw one up! In this workshop, participants will learn to develop students’ visual literacy skills using Google Drawings and even more! Find out how to develop critical thinking skills when students complete drag-and-drop activities, collaborate on interactive timelines, or create comics
to interpret literature or historical events. Participants will build a collection of motivational messages as they become familiar with the options available in Google Drawing.
3:25 PM Broadlands B Map Out an Adventure Sara Smith This session will have participants exploring the different ways Google My Maps can be incorporated into all grade levels and subject areas. Participants will learn how to facilitate student driven learning experiences using Google My Maps and explore their own maps in this hands-on session.
4:35 PM Oakleigh C Keep It Together with Google Keep Jessica Johnson Become better organized with your time, tasks, ideas, notes, and instructional materials! Google Keep provides a tool for creating, organizing, and sharing notes, making checklists, collaborating on notes and lots more! Learn to set up reminders, label and color-code notes for sorting and organizing, add images, and grab image text. Then, take
Google Keep notes and integrate them into a document to develop a more extensive work. This is an interactive workshop for participants to get started integrating Google Keep as an organizational tool, a classroom support tool, and as a life organizer. Keep it together!

Thursday, November 30

Time Location Title Facilitator Description
2:30 Broadlands A The Power of Digital
Storytelling for the
Invisible Student
Stacy Jennings Storytelling is the oldest form of education. Digital Storytelling has become the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. There are moments that change our lives forever. Students who change who we are and how we teach. Everyone has a story even the invisible student. Participants will examine digital storytelling resources and share ideas on how to implement in the classroom. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou
2:30 Mirabella C Designing Interactive
Instruction for Maximum
Andi Davis Tired of the same old PowerPoints? Want to create instruction that is interactive and engaging? Come and learn how to design interactive lessons that foster knowledge transfer in students. Participants will actively explore research based instructional design principles and tools of the trade. Everyone will leave with digital resources to share with colleagues.

If you would like a tentative listing of all workshops offered at the conference, check HERE.

We hope you will join us!

November 28

Tuesday Tip! Manipulating G Suite App URLs with Sir Links-a-Lot Chrome Extension

Often there are times when we want to manipulate a Google Document’s URL to meet the needs of our students or when sharing with our colleagues.  In fact, one of our previous Tuesday Tips focused on Forcing a Copy.  Now there is a Chrome Extension which will make that easier for you!

 Sir Links-a-Lot   

After adding the Extension, simply click on the extension icon and choose how to manipulate the URL to best suite the need.  Options offered are: Force Copy, Preview, Template, PDF.  The Extension also offers to Copy the Link To Clipboard, Copy G-shortener Link to Clipboard, and Open the Link in a New Tab.

So, when choosing to force a copy, for example, the end of the URL will be changed from edit to copy.  Then, simply copy the manipulated URL and paste it to the desired location.  The extension is compatible with G Suite apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Drawings.

Check back next Tuesday for more Google URL manipulation suggestions!

November 7

Tuesday Tip! Create a Shortcut

Who doesn’t love a good shortcut?  

We use them frequently.  There have been blog posts about them here and here before.

Sometimes we just need a quick way to save something for easy access later and this tip provides that shortcut – like when we are in a hurry and our computer battery is about to die or at the end of the day and we need to rush out the door or when planning time is ending and students are streaming in the doorway or numerous other examples I could list.  

Restore Icon

Create a shortcut on your desktop for the site you have open.  Just click on the restore icon in the upper right corner of your screen to allow part of your desktop to show on your screen.

Then, click on the icon next to the URL in your browser omnibar and drag it onto your desktop.

Viola!  Instant shortcut.


October 31

Tuesday Tip! Sign in to Chrome

One simple step can make the day go better.  Sign in to Chrome!

WCS users, by signing into the Chrome browser with your account, the next time ClassLink times out, just click Sign in with ADFS. No username or password needed!


When signed in to the Chrome browser, easily access the ClassLink Dashboard by clicking the house to the left of the address bar. 



Save and sync things like bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings to your Google Account, so they are accessible on any device, when signed in to the Chrome browser. Continue reading

October 10

Tuesday Tip! Inviting Teachers to a Google Classroom

Did you know you can invite other teachers to be a co-teacher your Google Classroom?

When the invitation is accepted, both teachers can coordinate class activities.  This is especially helpful if there is a student support co-teacher for a class, if a teacher must be out of the building for an extended time, or if a student suddenly becomes home-bound, for example.  Continue reading

October 3

Tuesday Tip! Share Your Originals Without Fear

When you share a Google creation with a colleague, often you are including them as a collaborator who contributes, tweaks, and improves your work.  Sometimes, though, you want to keep your original document, slides, etc., well, original without collaboration.  In that case, there are a couple of ways to share it.

The first, and most common way, is to share your Google creation with View only rights.  This allows the folks you have shared your items with to access links but not make changes to your original.  If those with whom the item is shared want to use it and tweak it to make it their own, all that is needed is for the person to select File and Make a copyContinue reading