February 27

Tuesday Tip: Padlet Post Connectors

As you know, Padlet recently added some new features, but before we dive into those, let’s take a look at a feature that’s been around a while.

Sometimes, you want a Padlet to be an open space to collect or share information, but sometimes you want that space to follow a specific flow.  With Post Connectors, you can connect information and even add labels!  Check out the Padlet below from the Official Padlet Blog to learn how.

Made with Padlet
Click the image below to open the Padlet in full screen.
February 8

New Possibilities with Padlet!

Padlet has long been a favorite of the #WCSEdTech crew, but it recently got an update that makes it even more amazing.  It is now even easier to share in a variety of formats on a Padlet board. Just look at all of those options! Stay tuned for future posts highlighting some of these fantastic new features. 
February 6

Tuesday Tip! Efficiency in Google Classroom with Share to Classroom

Today’s #WCSEdTech tip is all about teacher efficiency in Google Classroom and how you can quickly and easily push webpages to any of your Google Classrooms, so they open instantly on students’ computers.

First, find Share to Classroom in the Chrome Web Store and Add to Chrome.
Note: If you are using a WCS device, this extension may already be added to Chrome. 

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January 16

TEL4u for K-5 Students

We know that the Tennessee Electronic Library is an amazing resource full of subscription content.  But did you know that a part of the Tennessee Electronic Library has resources specifically geared toward K-5 students? All of these resources can be found on the TEL4u page. To access, just log into your ClassLink Dashboard and find the TEL4u app!

Navigate to the different parts of the site using the icons: Homework Help, State History, Look it Up, Ebooks, or Games and Activities.


For more about the free resources available on the TEL4u site, read here.

November 30

Recording with Screencastify

Recording your screen is easy with the Chrome extension, Screencastify!

Screencastify allows you  to capture your browser tab, entire desktop or webcam. The extension is fully integrated with Google Drive and Google Classroom, so sharing is easy.

Using Screencastify in the Classroom

  • Going to be out? Share a message with your students by recording your screen along with your webcam.  Example (WCS readers only, login required)
  • Teachers and students create math tutorials by aiming the webcam at a paper or board while working and talking through the problem.
  • Share student made (teacher reviewed) tutorials for test or exam review.
  • Students in foreign language classes use the webcam feature to record conversational videos for sharing and collaboration on a Padlet board or for posting in Google Classroom.
  • Record narration for picture books created using Google Slides, Docs, or StoryJumper.
  • Science students take photos during different parts of a lab and combine them to create a lab report with the student describing what happened at each stage as illustrated by the photos.
  • Students can create a comic or add to an image in Google Drawings and record an explanation to justify their analysis of the work.  Example

Have more integration ideas? Please comment below!

Screencastify Setup Instructions


November 6

Discovery Education: My DE

Discovery Education has an updated user homepage for subscribers called My DE.  My DE highlights a great deal of timely content, so it is constantly changing.  Let’s take a look at some key areas of the My DE page.

To get to the My DE page, just select the link in the top, right corner of your screen.

The main section of the screen highlights Discovery Education upcoming events and timely content.

The right side of the screen hosts a Global News section.  Teachers may switch between the K-5 and 6-12 view for age appropriate reports on current events.


Below Global News is a section called On This Day.  This section  highlights important events in history in a variety of different subject areas.  Use the dots across the bottom to navigate between different posts.  Click the post title to view the story and see the link to related content.

In addition to all of the content mentioned above, there are also events listed by dates, the Discovery Education Twitter feed, and links to teacher tools.

Have fun exploring!

October 23

Discovery Education: Sharing Content

There are many ways to share Discovery Education content.  Let’s take a look at a few.

Direct to Google Classroom
Discovery Education makes it easy to share directly to Google Classroom as an assignment, question, or announcement.  After clicking the link in the Classroom stream, students will sign into their Discovery Education account. 

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