October 9

Discovery Education: Getting Started

WCS teachers and students have access to Discovery Education.  Have you taken a look lately to see what this service offers? It’s not just videos anymore!  Discovery Education is adding content every day, but at last check, one can find 181,877 multimedia assets.  

Here is a breakdown:

Source: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/feeds/www/media/images/what-we-offer/streaming-plus/STRM(+)_FL_Overview_2017_DIG.pdf  Continue reading

April 18


If you’ve ever asked students to access something on the Internet without the benefit of a clickable link, you have probably noticed that the link address can be quite long!  An easy way to shorten a URL  is to use a URL shortener like QR.net.  With QR.net, you can even customize the address and choose something your students will easily remember.  You can also copy and post a QR code for students to scan to access the link you want to share.








Check out QR.net
School Voting Using Google Forms
Need a QR code Reader app?  Check out the Inigma app!

Type into your browser qr.net/WCShome (case sensitive) or Scan QR code:
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