August 1

WCS Textbook and Electronic Resource Login Information

Each year Instructional Technology supports staff and students by creating accounts for district managed textbooks and electronic resources. These accounts will be accessible from the WCS Single Sign On Dashboard. Staff members received an email August 1 with an update on the availability of accounts including a link to an account cheat sheet.

The login information for applications on the student dashboard can be found at the links below. This information will be updated again the second week of August in the event of a change.

K-5 District Resources Student Login Information
6-8 District Resources Student Login Information
9-12 District Resources Student Login Information
  • If you use a textbook that requires a student code to create their account, a tech coach will contact you directly via email.
  • Student and teacher accounts for instructional products will be ready the first full day of school. You will notice some are even ready now. If the administrator who schedules classes in your building has made changes to your schedule in Skyward since July 15, the accounts may not be ready or may be associated with the incorrect class. Students who have recently enrolled in WCS for the first time may not have accounts when school opens. If your teacher name shows as TBD on your Skyward schedule then you may not be able to access your accounts until your scheduling administrator updates the information in Skyward. All accounts that fall into these categories will be corrected as soon as possible.
  • Your Tech Coach will be able to help you if you have questions. Find the name of your tech coach here or by checking the tabs in the top right corner of this blog.
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August 1

WCS Single Sign On Dashboard

The WCS Single Sign on Dashboard powered by ClassLink went live August 1!

The purpose of the dashboard is to save valuable instructional time and prevent management of multiple usernames and passwords. The dashboard is available from school and home. We recommend use of Chrome as your browser when using the dashboard. Later, we will let you know a process to request additional apps to be added.  Your Tech Coach will be able to help you if you have questions. Find the name of your tech coach here or by visiting the tabs in the upper right corner of this blog.

dashboardTo start your successful use please view the training video using the link below. The video is divided into segments with practice activities between each segment. You will enjoy working with others in small and large groups as you complete this training.  Please allow one hour to complete the training.

WCS Single Sign On Dashboard Training Video

Thank you and enjoy this new resource!

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July 27

Welcome to WCS!

The Instructional Technology Team welcomes about 350 new teachers to the district this week.  We are glad to guide these fresh faces to ‘test the waters’ integrating technology into a lessonNew Teacher Form Link Image.

First, clarification might be needed to recognize the difference between Information Technology and Instructional Technology.  Information Technology (IT) works with the infrastructure and the hardware. Instructional Technology supports software and instructional uses of technology. You will see Instructional Technology referred to as WCS EdTech.

This Prezi provides a guide to spark inquiry and facilitate learning.  Work through the activities accessed via the QR Code link or this URL to learn more about integrating technology into your lessons.

If you have questions relating to integrating technology into your classroom, be sure to contact your school’s tech coach.  We look forward to collaborating with you this year!

June 8

Keep Organized

Keep LogoIf you are like me, we need every reminder available to keep organized.  I have really grown to like Google Keep as a tool for that.  Keep works sort of like having virtual sticky notes.  One of the best features is that notes sync across devices.  So, if I add a recommended book title to my To-Read list while using my laptop, when I get to the library to check out a book, I can access the list on my phone and search for that book.  Unlike the sticky notes I used to post on my fridge, these notes go with me wherever I might travel.   Continue reading

May 7

Compile a Set of Quick Links with Symbaloo

We are fast becoming a one-click culture!  We like to have an app for quick, direct access to tools we use often.  Symbaloo provides a resource for creating a webmix with an appy look and feel.

In The News Symbaloo Pic

When a limited number of resources is to be used for an assignment or project, a Symbaloo is a great way to post the links for easy access.  When a number of resources needs to be shared with a group or class, a Symbaloo provides quick and easy links.  For a simple, user-friendly means of bookmarking online links which are frequently accessed, a Symbaloo is the answer.

Click on the image above to access a Symbaloo with links to online news resources and primary sources.

Also check out this PBL Symbaloo

April 29

Voting with Google Forms

Ballot Box With BallotDo you need to capture student votes in your classroom or school? One easy method is to combine Google forms and one of our favorite URL shorteners, First, create a form using your WCS Google account. Next, shorten the URL and create a QR code using Share the QR code in your classroom or assembly for students to scan and vote. You can edit and reuse the Google form over and again. This will let you reuse the same QR code for voting. A new feature in Google will allow you to create a new spreadsheet for the recycled form. This allows you to retain and archive your earlier voting. Refer to our step-by-step directions. Enjoy!


April 22


Looking for an interactive way to deliver instruction? Look no more, HyperDocs are here! A HyperDoc is more than just a Google Doc with hyperlinks. It can provide nearly any resource a student needs in order to complete an assignment or task. Include instructions, videos, links, questions, sorting activities (through the use of Google Draw) and more in your HyperDoc to make it an interactive and engaging experience for your students. Create inquiry based lessons, encourage critical thinking, problem solving skills and collaboration all in one place! Click here to learn more.

SS HypderDOc  Sci HyperDoc Math Hyperdoc  ELA HypderDoc
Sources: Hyper Docs- Changing Digital Pedagogy and HypderDoc Weebly  


April 18

If you’ve ever asked students to access something on the Internet without the benefit of a clickable link, you have probably noticed that the link address can be quite long!  An easy way to shorten a URL  is to use a URL shortener like  With, you can even customize the address and choose something your students will easily remember.  You can also copy and post a QR code for students to scan to access the link you want to share.








Check out
School Voting Using Google Forms
Need a QR code Reader app?  Check out the Inigma app!

Type into your browser (case sensitive) or Scan QR code:
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