March 28

Google Tip #1

Did you ever realize you had 27 tabs open in your Chrome browser and decide it was time to clean up a bit?  Have you ever shut a tab and immediately realize that you needed to see something on that webpage?  Did you close out a tab and realize you forgot to update something on that Google Document?

Haven’t we all closed a tab only to realize that we really did need to have it open for one reason or another?  Don’t you feel frustrated when you closed out of that tab and suddenly realize you should have left it open?  Well, I think we have all been there!  This Google Tip has the answer to alleviate that frustration:

When you press Control+Shift+T, the browser tab you just closed will open like magic!

December 20

Ten Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

Who doesn’t like to take a shortcut when possible?  There are keyboard shortcuts that are possible when using your Chrome browser that can make your work faster and easier.  Here are just ten of them:

1. Want to copy text you’ve highlighted with your cursor? 2. Do you want to paste what you just copied?

Hit the Control and C Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and C Keys simultaneously

Hit the Control and V Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and V Keys simultaneously

3. Do you want to zoom in on your computer screen? 4. Do you want to shrink what is on your computer screen?


Press the Control and Plus Keys simultaneously


Press the Control and Minus Keys simultaneously

5. Now if you’d like, you can reset the screen…


Press the Control and Zero Keys simultaneously

6. Want to reopen a browser tab you just closed? 7. Want to go to the OMNI Bar and highlight the contents there so you can copy/paste or enter a new URL?

Hit the Control, Shift, and T Keys simultaneously

Press the Control, Shift, and T Keys simultaneously

Hit the Control and L Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and L Keys simultaneously

8. Do you have text highlighted and want to quickly create a hyperlink? 9. Would you like to have precise placement of an object such as an image or text box?  You can move it one pixel at a time by using this shortcut:

Hit the Control and K Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and K Keys simultaneously

Use the Shift and Arrow Keys to move in any direction

Use the Shift and Arrow Keys to move in any direction

10. Want to be a power shortcut user?  Use the Ctrl+C, followed by Ctrl+K, and finish up with Ctrl+V!

To get something done in a hurry, take a shortcut!

December 20

Video Resources for Learning and as a Model Formative Assessment

Do you use video resources as a way for students to explore and learn new or new-to-them information?  Sonational-geographic-blackmetimes just a short video clip can show so much more than we can ever tell students about a topic.  So, let me recommend National Geographic’s YouTube resources.  I dug a bit deeper after watching their tribute to John Glenn and watched footage that was first shown when I was a little girl not even in school, yet.  There is an entire outer space series available for use with studying the moon or planets in our Solar System. Continue reading

December 1


When planning lessons, we constantly think of timing.  It seems we have so much that students need to be guided through or exposed to and such an overload of material that needs to be shared that we are often scrambling for more time.  One of the things teachers do is structure and scaffold our lessons so students learn to manage that too-little-time-struggle as well as learn to manage the time constraints of a busy world.


Timer shows seconds ticking away

Recently, one of the administrators at a school where I work suggested that teachers manage time constraints (and help students learn, too) by using an online timer projected in the classroom that helps keep lessons on track.  There are lots of timers that can be purchased and multiple apps that can be downloaded for free.  However, my suggestion is to just use a simple one that is probably right in front of you and your students all the time – Google it!

Continue reading

November 2

Short! Sweet! URL Shortener

URL shortening is a technique in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) can be made shorter and still direct users to the required page.  It is especially helpful when posting a URL for people to enter because the web address is so much shorter, requiring less input, and provides for fewer mistakes.  This is especially helpful when there are character limitations such as with Twitter.  Shortening a URL helps students get logged on to the same page more quickly.

Take something long and unwieldy like this:

to this: goo-gl


One such URL shortener is ( Chrome extension)  This shortener provides analytics that will show you how many times the shortened URL has been used.  It lets you create a QR code for any web link.  Save time, save keystrokes, track interactions, use! Short! Sweet!