December 20

Video Resources for Learning and as a Model Formative Assessment

Do you use video resources as a way for students to explore and learn new or new-to-them information?  Sonational-geographic-blackmetimes just a short video clip can show so much more than we can ever tell students about a topic.  So, let me recommend National Geographic’s YouTube resources.  I dug a bit deeper after watching their tribute to John Glenn and watched footage that was first shown when I was a little girl not even in school, yet.  There is an entire outer space series available for use with studying the moon or planets in our Solar System. Continue reading

October 20

Formative Assessments with Nearpod

Nolensville Elementary teachers have been exploring and using Nearpod.  This onearpodnline resource allows for creation of informational slides, formative assessments, and sharing student work as exemplars.  Click on the image at right to access a video overview.

When a teacher creates an activity within the lesson, the options include multiple choice quiz, draw it, open ended questions, poll it, and fill in the blank.  Reports with formative feedback are provided.  Free accounts are available with limited features. Live lessons feature whole group and small group lessons.  Student-paced lessons feature purposeful practice rotations so that students can learn about a topic and answer assessment questions. Students join a lesson by entering the PIN provided by the teacher that Nearpod assigns.    Continue reading

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