February 6

Tuesday Tip! Efficiency in Google Classroom with Share to Classroom

Today’s #WCSEdTech tip is all about teacher efficiency in Google Classroom and how you can quickly and easily push webpages to any of your Google Classrooms, so they open instantly on students’ computers.

First, find Share to Classroom in the Chrome Web Store and Add to Chrome.
Note: If you are using a WCS device, this extension may already be added to Chrome. 

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November 28

Tuesday Tip! Manipulating G Suite App URLs with Sir Links-a-Lot Chrome Extension

Often there are times when we want to manipulate a Google Document’s URL to meet the needs of our students or when sharing with our colleagues.  In fact, one of our previous Tuesday Tips focused on Forcing a Copy.  Now there is a Chrome Extension which will make that easier for you!

 Sir Links-a-Lot   

After adding the Extension, simply click on the extension icon and choose how to manipulate the URL to best suite the need.  Options offered are: Force Copy, Preview, Template, PDF.  The Extension also offers to Copy the Link To Clipboard, Copy G-shortener Link to Clipboard, and Open the Link in a New Tab.

So, when choosing to force a copy, for example, the end of the URL will be changed from edit to copy.  Then, simply copy the manipulated URL and paste it to the desired location.  The extension is compatible with G Suite apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Drawings.

Check back next Tuesday for more Google URL manipulation suggestions!

October 31

Tuesday Tip! Sign in to Chrome

One simple step can make the day go better.  Sign in to Chrome!

WCS users, by signing into the Chrome browser with your myplace.wcs.edu account, the next time ClassLink times out, just click Sign in with ADFS. No username or password needed!


When signed in to the Chrome browser, easily access the ClassLink Dashboard by clicking the house to the left of the address bar. 



Save and sync things like bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings to your Google Account, so they are accessible on any device, when signed in to the Chrome browser. Continue reading

July 25

G Suite Training Extension for Chrome

How many times have you been working on a project and needed a bit of training in order to effectively use the digital tool?

Really?  Me too!

Almost every single time.

And down the rabbit hole of learning I go with lots of lost time.

The folks at Google must have realized that and created the G Suite Training Extension for our Chrome browser.  It offers simple, interactive training where you can learn and take action all at the same time.  Adding the extension makes the training available within whatever Google App you are using.  So, leaving the application to learn how to use it is never necessary. Continue reading

April 25

Tuesday’s Tip – Pin a Tab!

When planning and preparing a lesson or professional development workshop, sometimes I find that there are multiple tabs open.  I rely heavily on Google Drive when creating and curating these lessons.  So, I like to keep Google Drive open in a tab and don’t want to lose track of it or accidentally close it.  An easy way to help me keep track of this tab is to pin it.  That way I know my Drive tab is open and where it is located without a search.

Pinning a tab will minimize it so that only an icon will show.  This also leaves more space for multitasking and I can have even more tabs open while working.  Win!  Win!


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March 28

Google Tip #1

Did you ever realize you had 27 tabs open in your Chrome browser and decide it was time to clean up a bit?  Have you ever shut a tab and immediately realize that you needed to see something on that webpage?  Did you close out a tab and realize you forgot to update something on that Google Document?

Haven’t we all closed a tab only to realize that we really did need to have it open for one reason or another?  Don’t you feel frustrated when you closed out of that tab and suddenly realize you should have left it open?  Well, I think we have all been there!  This Google Tip has the answer to alleviate that frustration:

When you press Control+Shift+T, the browser tab you just closed will open like magic!