December 5

Tuesday Tip! Accessing G Suite Tools

In our district we are fortunate to have a Dashboard App which allows us to access all our favorites from one place.  But what happens when that Dashboard App is not accessible.  At first we sort of flounder like when the electrical power goes out and we still turn on the light switch anyway.  Next, we look to our Bookmarks and hope we have saved some of our favorites there.

Image result for G SuiteThere is an easy way to access our favorite G Suite tools when this happens.  For example, to access your Google Drive where all your files are stored in G Suite, simply enter the following into the omnibar:

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December 5

Tuesday Tip! More Manipulating Google URLs

Last week we shared the Sir Links-a-Lot Chrome Extension, which makes manipulating G Suite product URLs a quick and easy process.  But, what if you are the recipient of one of those items and you don’t know for certain that you want a copy of this item?  Then, manipulate the URL so that you can see it without making a copy.  The process is as simple as this:

At the end of the URL is the word copy

 Change that word to view

Then, if a copy of the item is desired, simply choose File and Make a copy…

The same principal works when the URL ends with preview or template/preview or export?format=pdf

So, don’t feel as if you have to clutter up your Google Drive when all you want to do is view – manipulate that URL and view to your heart’s content!

November 28

Tuesday Tip! Manipulating G Suite App URLs with Sir Links-a-Lot Chrome Extension

Often there are times when we want to manipulate a Google Document’s URL to meet the needs of our students or when sharing with our colleagues.  In fact, one of our previous Tuesday Tips focused on Forcing a Copy.  Now there is a Chrome Extension which will make that easier for you!

 Sir Links-a-Lot   

After adding the Extension, simply click on the extension icon and choose how to manipulate the URL to best suite the need.  Options offered are: Force Copy, Preview, Template, PDF.  The Extension also offers to Copy the Link To Clipboard, Copy G-shortener Link to Clipboard, and Open the Link in a New Tab.

So, when choosing to force a copy, for example, the end of the URL will be changed from edit to copy.  Then, simply copy the manipulated URL and paste it to the desired location.  The extension is compatible with G Suite apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Drawings.

Check back next Tuesday for more Google URL manipulation suggestions!

April 18

Google Tip #6 – Fonts and More Fonts!

Sometimes a simple variation in the font used can create a whole different feel for a document.  I love to include fun and sassy fonts when creating an infographic or HyperDoc!  The font chosen can add a whole different attitude to the work whether it is professional, fun, adventurous, cartoon-like, etc.  When using G Suite tools, there are hundreds of fonts to choose from for the perfect match to your creation.  The beauty of using web-based G Suite tools is that the font will look the same for the audience of viewers no matter how it’s accessed. Continue reading

April 11

Google Tip #5 – It’s Nice To Share

One of the things we are taught early in life is that sharing is a nice thing to do.  That concept never changes throughout life.  Sharing makes the world a better place.

Teachers are encouraged to share with one another to make teaching and learning better for all.  Usually we are glad to share and do so freely.  Yet, sometimes we want to retain the original integrity of our creations.  Using G Suite tools makes it easy to share as well as easy to keep your original.

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December 20

Ten Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

Who doesn’t like to take a shortcut when possible?  There are keyboard shortcuts that are possible when using your Chrome browser that can make your work faster and easier.  Here are just ten of them:

1. Want to copy text you’ve highlighted with your cursor? 2. Do you want to paste what you just copied?

Hit the Control and C Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and C Keys simultaneously

Hit the Control and V Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and V Keys simultaneously

3. Do you want to zoom in on your computer screen? 4. Do you want to shrink what is on your computer screen?


Press the Control and Plus Keys simultaneously


Press the Control and Minus Keys simultaneously

5. Now if you’d like, you can reset the screen…


Press the Control and Zero Keys simultaneously

6. Want to reopen a browser tab you just closed? 7. Want to go to the OMNI Bar and highlight the contents there so you can copy/paste or enter a new URL?

Hit the Control, Shift, and T Keys simultaneously

Press the Control, Shift, and T Keys simultaneously

Hit the Control and L Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and L Keys simultaneously

8. Do you have text highlighted and want to quickly create a hyperlink? 9. Would you like to have precise placement of an object such as an image or text box?  You can move it one pixel at a time by using this shortcut:

Hit the Control and K Keys simultaneously

Press the Control and K Keys simultaneously

Use the Shift and Arrow Keys to move in any direction

Use the Shift and Arrow Keys to move in any direction

10. Want to be a power shortcut user?  Use the Ctrl+C, followed by Ctrl+K, and finish up with Ctrl+V!

To get something done in a hurry, take a shortcut!