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Crew/Tech Calls for April 10-27, 2017

CREW/TECH CALLS (subject to change)

Monday, April 10 – Set crew during Flex (Safety and tool meeting)
Tuesday, April 11 – Lights, sound, and costume crews (+ publicity for photos) after school; Publicity during Flex
Thursday, April 13 – Makeup, lights, sound and set crews after school
Saturday, April 15 – 9am-5pm (anyone who can make it – High School Work Day)
Monday/Tuesday (April 17 and 18) – Lights and Costume after school
Thursday+Friday (April 20, 21) – All crews (Full runs) after school
Saturday, April 22 – 9am-5pm – Work/Rehearsal Day at High School
Tech week (April 24-27) – all call for crews except Tuesday, April 25th

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