IMPORTANT: Here is the cast list for The Lion King Jr. This was a challenging casting process, and we really wish everyone could be involved because you all are talented, energetic, and spirited.

Please do not accept your role in the comments below. You can either email me at or join the Lion King Jr. Google Classroom with the following code: xgday1.

We will meet after school in the auditorium next week on Tuesday from 3pm to 5pm to hand out scripts, go over expectations, talk about what we expect over break, etc. We will also discuss the activity fee for The Lion King that will cover script cost, makeup/costume supplies, and meals during tech week.

Again, thank you for your energy and passion!

The Lion King Jr.
Cast List

Rafiki – Isabella Griffin
Simba – Lucca Silva
Nala – Natalie Cicero
Young Simba – Carter Luke
Young Nala – Jaiden Willingham
Mufasa – Nathan Benton
Scar – Avram Bingham
Zazu – Wyatt Skillen
Timon – Layne Foeder
Pumbaa – Tyce Rector
Sarabi – Madison Cuevas
Sarafina – Aubrianna Smith
Shenzi – Emily Sullivan
Bansai – Vivien Champ
Ed – Jason Dotson
Lionesses – Olivia Smith, Ella O’Neal, Verona Collins, Samantha Lichenstein, Reagan Corley, Ahnna Tate, Lauren Coin, Lia Zidkyahu, Paige Hardy, Grace Simmons
Hyenas/Wildebeests – Gabrielle Jones, Ella Seely, Tennyson Gorman, Tony Jones, Jacob Hernandez, Merritt Hanneman, Jackson McCarter, Nate Hendrix, Eric Steinmeyer
Prideland Animals/Ensemble – Lily Bray, Leia Smith, Ava Arnold, LiliAnne Snow, Sonia Mistry, Olivia Ditzel, Riley Osburn, Marlee Owens, Hailey Hornby, Haylee Katina, Angela Mueller