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How can you help the Page Middle Players?

We are always looking for any assistance on our Tech Saturdays (those days for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ are 9am-5pm on Saturday, September 24 and October 1). Donna Sava, our Parent Coordinator, reaches out to parents who can bring their unique abilities and generosity to the table.

Also, below is a list of props we are acquiring for ‘Alice’, as well as things we always need.

Props/Set Pieces (can be donated or we can borrow)
CLOCKS of all sizes, large gears, a large old-looking book, large pocket watch (although I have something that can work if need be), a large soup pot, pots and pans, dishes (preferably hard plastic – plates, cups, bowls), tea cups (let’s avoid glass), tea pitchers, large wooden spoons/mixers (any old kitchen utensils, really), a stuffed baby pig, croquet mallets and balls, sporting equipment like: old tennis rackets, helmets, Nerf bats, badminton rackets, laundry baskets, lawn and gardening tools (trimmers, troughs, shovels, clippers), hand mirrors (up to 8), a large baby rattle, UMBRELLAS, large PLANTS (real or fake), two “rose” trees (something that could be built?), stretcher or something to “catch” Humpty Dumpty, first aid kit, notebooks and pencils (steno books would be cool), a gavel, Judge’s robe and wig, party hats, kazoos, streamers, bird baths, chef’s/cook’s apron and hat

Things We Always Need
Extension Cords, Fabric, Paint (any kind but oil-based), paint brushes, wood, fake food, fake flowers and trees, solar lights, costumes, random props, work lights, power strips, large sheets/blocks of foam, old but usable tools


  1. Heather Carswell

    September 2, 2016 at 1:49 am

    Mr. Brown,
    I don’t know what your needs are for volunteers, but I am happy to help when available. Please put me on your contact list for volunteers.
    Heather Carswell

    • pagemiddledrama

      September 23, 2016 at 4:07 am

      Thank you. You have probably been receiving emails from Donna Sava. The next two Saturdays are vital! Let me know when you can help.

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