We had so much at our first trip to SEYA Book Fest!


On March 10th, a group of 15 lucky students trekked over to Murfreesboro for the 2nd annual SEYA Book Fest!  Students were able to sit in on 2 panels, ask authors questions, purchase books by the authors and get them signed, and talk to the authors they saw at the festival.  In the first panel, students got to hear Melanie Conklin, Jenn Bishop, and Monika Schroeder talk about their books, writing inspirations, and the writing and publishing process, in addition to ask and hear their answers to questions asked by them and other middle school students at the session.  Here, students found out how the authors overcome writer’s block and what it was like for them to see their book on bookstore shelf for the first time.

At the 2nd session, students had the opportunity to hear Page’s own Kristin Tubb, Andrew Maraniss, Laurel Snyder, and Lois Sephaban talk about the past and historical fiction writing.  All of the authors stressed the importance of research when writing historical fiction, with Kristin Tubb stating that it’s all in the details of research when writing historical fiction and the tendency of falling down “research rabbit holes”.  Students also found out how the authors come up with the titles for their books and how relieved authors are when they finally finish their books.

Everyone had a great time at SEYA, and we can’t wait to return next year!