Battle of the Books!

The Battle of the Books is a reading competition among the middle schools of Williamson County Schools.  To participate, students read the 8 books on the list below and take the qualifying test the 2nd week of December.  The 6 students with the highest scores on the qualifying test make up the Battle of the Books team, along with 1-2 alternates.  The competition this year is Tuesday, March 20th, here at home at Page Middle School from 4:30-7:00 p.m.  For more details contact Mrs. Caudle at  Team members should periodically check the Battle of the Books Google Classroom for study questions, announcements, and any other relevant information.  The class code is roopfo.

WCS Middle School Battle of the Books 2017-2018 Titles

  • The War That Saved My Life; Brubaker, Kimberly Bradley. Grades 4-8.  Lexile 580

Ten-year-old Ada has never left her one-room apartment. Her mother is too humiliated by Ada’s twisted foot to let her outside. So when her little brother Jamie is shipped out of London to escape the war, Ada doesn’t waste a minute—she sneaks out to join him.  You can watch the book trailer here.

  • The Boys in the Boat; Brown, Daniel James. Grades 6 & up.  Lexile 1000

Out of the depths of the Great Depression comes the astonishing tale of nine working-class boys from the American West who at the 1936 Olympics, showed the world what true grit really meant. With rowers who were the sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers, the University of Washington’s eight-oar crew was never expected to defeat the elite East Coast teams, yet they did, going on to shock the world by challenging the German boat rowing for Adolf Hitler.  Watch the trailer here.

  • Chasing Secrets; Choldenko, Gennifer.  Grades 4 – 7.  Lexile 540

San Francisco, 1900. A fantastic time to be alive for lots of people, but not thirteen-year-old Lizzie Kennedy, stuck at Miss Barstow’s snobby school for girls. Lizzie’s secret passion is science, an unsuitable subject for finishing-school girls. Lizzie lives to go on house calls with her physician father. On those visits to his patients, she discovers a hidden dark side of the city—a side that’s full of secrets, rats, and rumors of the plague.  Click here to watch the trailer.

  • Lost in the Sun; Graff, Lisa.  Grades 5 – 8.  Lexile 700

Ever since a freak hockey accident killed his friend Jared, Trent has felt guilty and angry and thinks everyone hates him. After all, it was his stray shot that hit Jared. He lashes out at teachers, ignores his friends, and feels misunderstood by family. When Fallon, a girl with a secret, befriends him and won’t take no for an answer, he reluctantly opens up.  Watch the trailer by clicking here.

  • Mark of the Dragonfly; Johnson, Jaleigh. Grades 6 & up.  Lexile 820

In the future on a ruined planet, orphaned Piper lives alone, making her living from mending the scraps she finds after the deadly meteor showers and dust storms. One day Piper finds a young girl who is silent, amnesiac, and in terror of the man who hunts her. Marked by the tattoo of a dragonfly, the girl can’t hide until Piper spirits her away and, with the help of Gee (who can transform at will from handsome teenager to flying dragon), the stowaway girls find a safe home on steam train 401, hurtling through the hostile countryside towards King Aron’s kingdom.  Click here to watch the trailer.

  • Echo; Ryan, Pam Munoz  Grades 5 – 9.   Lexile 680

A young boy named Otto lost in the woods is rescued by three sisters imprisoned there by a witch’s curse. In return, he promises to help break the curse by carrying their spirits out of the forest in a mouth harp and passing the instrument along when the time is right. In the 20th century, the same mouth harp becomes the thread that connects the stories of three children: Friedrich, a disfigured outcast; Mike, an impoverished orphan; and Ivy, an itinerant farmer’s child. Their personal struggles are set against some of the darkest eras in human history: The children are linked by musical talent and the hand of fate that brings Otto’s harmonica into their lives.  See the trailer here!

  • Hoodoo; Smith, Ronald.  Grades 6 – 8.  Lexile 600.

Hoodoo Hatcher is from a family with a rich tradition of practicing hoodoo folk magic, but he can’t seem to cast a simple spell. When a mysterious man called the Stranger comes to town, Hoodoo starts dreaming of the dead rising from their graves. Worse, he soon learns the Stranger is looking for a boy named Hoodoo. The entire town is at risk from the Stranger’s black magic, and only Hoodoo can defeat him. He’ll just need to learn how to conjure first.

  • Last in a Long Line of Rebels; Tyre, Lisa  Grades 5 – 9.  Lexile 660

When 12-year-old Lou’s Civil War-era house is about to be condemned, she’s determined to save it—either by getting it deemed a historic landmark or by finding the stash of gold rumored to be hidden nearby during the war. As Lou digs into the past, she finds that her ancestors ran the gamut of slave owners, renegades, thieves and abolitionists. Meanwhile, some incidents in her town show her that many Civil War era prejudices still survive and the past can keep repeating itself if we let it. Digging into her past shows Lou that it’s never too late to fight injustice, and she starts to see the real value of understanding and exploring her roots.