Martin Methodist College – Tennis Program

This e-mail is intended for any student who is interested in attending college, creating a great collegiate experience, participating as a student-athlete, and improving their financial aid package.

Please forward through your networks to students, counselors, advisors, coaches, and parents.

At Martin Methodist College, we are building a Tennis Program that will compete at the highest levels, as well as prepare students for success in the classroom and throughout life.
We will have opportunities for students to participate in various ways and grow, while benefiting through scholarship opportunities that will make college accessible and graduation attainable.

Varsity – These are higher level players who should reach out to Coach Rieger directly if they would like to be considered for a place in the line up or on the roster with a chance of earning a place on the competition/ travel team. We will have various levels of scholarships starting at $15K.

Club/ JV – These may be players who have some playing experience and wish to be part of a college program. Even players just starting to play may take this chance to receive training. Practices and matches will be part of your experience, although the requirements will not be as extensive as the Varsity. Your main focus will be on learning and maintaining your GPA; you will have access to all the support programs provided to students and student-athletes. This experience will travel and train less, but we will still make sure that you are improving your game. You will grow in the game and have opportunities to play versus other College Club / JV teams. Players will be expected to meet certain program requirements determined by the coaching staff in order to maintain their scholarships. Leadership opportunities will also be available. Some players may be considered for Varsity positions later. Others may find that they can be a Varsity Manager/ Team Assistant and Club Player successfully.
Scholarships will range up to $11K for an individual. These will probably be capped at $10K the first year, with the chance to increase in subsequent years. There may also be an opportunity to increase each individual to $11K if two or more students enroll, successfully participate with the tennis program, and exceed expected requirements including GPA / Progress toward Graduation.

1 Apply online to MMC Admissions.

2 Mark on your application your intent to be part of the tennis team.
3 E-mail Will Martin ( – Athletic Admissions Counselor) to check on your application status and make sure you are identified as a potential tennis program member; also note your friend/ classmate with whom you are applying if that is applicable.
*This is a fantastic opportunity, and it takes initiative on your part as a student and person in order to take advantage of the program and reach your goals.

What does this opportunity mean for students?
College can be affordable, even free, and you can increase your experiences for healthy living and social interactions (making friends).


Total Cost Domestic 33446
Tuition 22746
Room and Board 8400-9200
Fees and Tech 1500

Available Reductions
Tennis (Institutional) 11000
Methodist 2000
Giles County 1000
Tennessee State Grant 4000
Tennessee Hope Grant 1500
Tennessee Lottery 3500
Tennessee Promise 4500
Pell Grant 5920

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