February 20

Picture/Thousand Words

Remember yesterday’s post?  Why couldn’t a teacher use something like this as a starting point for class?  Questions which come to mind for me are:


  • Write a journal entry explaining how the image relates to the math concept we have been studying?
  • Utilize this image and create a math problem which relates to the math concept we focused on yesterday.
  • What would a mathematician do with these tools?
  • How do the objects in this image inspire your mathematical thinking?


  • Describe an experiment in which a scientist would utilize 75% of the objects in this picture.
  • Which one of these objects most closely relates to the element/compound/chemical equation we focused on yesterday?  Explain why.
  • Which one of these objects could best be used to demonstrate the physics theory we have been studying this week?  Explain why.
  • Using one or more of the objects pictured, what would you design to solve…?


  • Fit the objects pictured into a timeline and explain their relativity to that timeline.
  • Select a historian from the period we have been studying and relate him/her to one of the objects pictured.  Justify your selection with logical reasoning.
  • What do the objects in the picture have in common and how do they relate to the topic we have been studying?


  • Using the image as inspiration, write!
  • Write three sentences relating to this photo and be sure to include (grammar/mechanics concept studying).
  • How do the objects in the picture relate to the book/play/short story/poem we read in class yesterday?
  • Which of the objects pictured most closely relates to the author?  Explain the relationship providing logical reasoning to justify your assertion.
  • Think of the main character of your book/short story/video and explain which of the objects pictured most closely represents him/her.
  • Determine the theme/setting/mood of this image and write an explanation to justify your decision.
  • What do the objects pictured have in common and why are they important to this class?


  • What role do these objects play in technology today?  Justify your assertion.
  • Write a caption for the photo that includes figurative language.
  • Use the image as inspiration to write a personal narrative in the voice of…
  • Write a vivid description using the image as inspiration.
  • Include as many vocabulary words as possible to write a coherent paper based on the image.

Sometimes a picture inspires much more than a thousand words.  Why couldn’t the image (or any image) be used to inspire assignments – especially creative assignments where students are designing a problem, a solution, or creating text?  Who says we can only use the image once?  What images are you envisioning to use in your classroom?

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