August 5


The start of a new school year gives us all a fresh start.

As a classroom teacher, I always began my preparation with a reflective eye.  I first asked myself, “What can I do differently so that our classroom will be more effective for learning this year?”  Usually I would land on a couple of things:  more effective lesson planning and more effective classroom procedures.

I recently stumbled upon a teacher’s website that shared her ideas and procedures.  What a fabulous way to communicate expectations and norms before students even set foot in the classroom door!  Plus, the information can remain posted online as an easy reference for students and parents.

Honestly, if I were in the classroom again, I might use Mrs. Walker’s ideas for introducing students to the expectations and procedures for success in the classroom.  I think my favorite of her ideas is her compact, succinct, and effective set of classroom rules/expectations.  She challenges her students to think of a way to ‘stump’ her by offering up a rule which would not fit into one of her four expectations and has always found it impossible.

Maybe you want to adopt her four expectations for your own classroom…

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