September 1

Got Lost

I’ve gotten caught up in the hustle and bustle and hectic mindset of late and got lost.  Like most folks, we feel overworked and are understaffed.  Then, this week we learned that a colleague is moving away and we are literally one man down on our team.


Yesterday our supervisor asked us to make suggestions and encourage applicants to get the ball rolling toward adding a new team member.

I left the office with a scowl on my face and a scowl in my heart about my job.

For those of you who have known me for any length of time will attest to the fact that I have NEVER felt this way about my profession.  I’ve almost always LOVED my job.  (Yes, I said, almost – everybody has those moments, folks.  Don’t judge!)  Yet, here I was asked to encourage somebody to apply to become a part of my team when even I didn’t enjoy being a part of the team.


Still, I sent a message to a couple or three friends and thought I had done what was expected.


Then, I got a response.  And I got another response.  A friend called me!

She asked me a couple of questions and I began talking and I realized…

I STILL love my job!

Maybe I don’t love some parts of it.  Maybe I have been a bit overworked lately and I’m really tired.  Yet, I still love what I do.

I found myself explaining what the great parts of the job really are:

  • observing and collaborating with good teachers
  • sharing interesting, helpful, and dynamic resources which enhance learning
  • planning and facilitating quality professional development sessions which improve teaching and learning in the classroom
  • modeling and sharing tech-rich lessons and strategies that are effective in the classroom
  • getting to know teachers who enrich the lives of children
  • contributing to the growth and development of students
  • feeling that aha-moment when a teacher or student ‘gets it’

I heard myself giving a brief outline of quality lessons where students:

  • write with a purpose
  • collaborate and revise their work because they really want to do so
  • develop an inquiry mindset and strive to learn about a topic or learn more
  • read with passion and pleasure
  • engage in the lesson and collaborate as they learn and improve their skill set

I confidently assured this friend that if she was hired to be on my team I would be there to coach and mentor her.

What would you say if you were charged with finding a team-member and were encouraging somebody to become a part of your team?

How would you describe your job if you were responsible for selecting your replacement?

Is that how you are facing each day of work?

My theory has always been that I should teach each student as if he/she were the EMT who was pulling me out of the ditch and trying to save my life.  I almost lost that perspective.

As teachers, we are responsible for educating those who will take care of us in the future.  I take that seriously and I hope you do as well.  Please don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle and hectic mindset all around you.  Don’t get lost.

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I'm Beverly Noland Ozburn and my experience as a professional educator began in 1994 right here in Williamson County when I became a paraprofessional at Page High School. I worked there until 2003 when I graduated with my M.Ed. in Reading and went to Bedford County where I worked as a classroom reading teacher. Most recently, I was a middle school language arts/reading/writing teacher in Rutherford County. I have served as a Co-Director for the local National Writing Project site and as an adjunct professor at Columbia State Community College. Recently, I have served as a consultant for the Tennessee Department of Education's Electronic Learning Center and for Scholastic, Inc. My education includes a B.S. in Agriculture from The University of Tennessee. I earned a certification to teach secondary English and a M.Ed. from Middle Tennessee State University. My introduction to the world of education began when I was five-years-old and my sister was born. I was in first grade and became her teacher as soon as she learned to focus her attention on me for even a brief moment. Oh, the things she learned! I'm sure my mother was thrilled at times. Later, I was the first teacher to guide my two children. If I knew then what I know now... Today I have the joy of learning from our four granddaughters and grandson. I know that there are also times when I teach them unintentionally because my daughter has chastised me for things they repeated after visiting with my husband and me! As a lifelong learner, I am always absorbing, borrowing, and stealing from the folks around me. As a teacher, I'm glad to share those ideas and that knowledge with others. Each day I look forward to working with teachers integrating technology into their instruction and can be contacted at:

2 thoughts on “Got Lost

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    I really love your honesty and the example of teaching the EMT who will save your life! I had that moment of almost burning out a couple of years ago. Hitting that low moment caused me to make some professional changes, including switching grades. I have been growing so much and feel rejuvenated and excited about teaching once again!

  2. Linsey Taylor

    I’m definitely lost in the hustle & bustle of my job right now. The principal I worked with for two years who respected the library & me left at the end of last year. I’m starting with two new principals who I don’t have the same relationship with. It’s a struggle!


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