• There is no limit to the amount of books a student can check out; however, if the student has an overdue book or owes a fine, the student may not check out until they resolve their issue.
  • The circulation period is 15 school days.
  • Students may renew a book.
  • Fines are $0.10/day. Fines $0.40 or less will be deleted.
  • Students may place 1 hold on a book at a time.
  • If a book is lost or damaged, a student will be asked to pay for the cost of the book. If the student locates a lost book within the school year it was paid for, the student will receive a refund.
  • At the end of the school year, a student may not receive their yearbook or participate in end of the year activities if they have not returned all library books and/or cleared any fines.


  • We have 15 desktop computers available for student use and 2 color laser printers.  Students may print with permission. All computer use and printer use must be for school related purposes.


  • Students may read e-books on their personal devices.
  • Texting, social media gaming, and taking photos/ video is strictly prohibited and subject to office referral.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in the WCS BYOT Acceptable Use Policy. 
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