October 19, 2017

Notes 10.19.17


Here are the science and social studies notes for the upcoming week:

– Continue to encourage your students to study history every night. It’s imperative that they retain the content we’ve already studied.

– Please send 2 liter bottles to school for the terrarium and aquarium project. We still need quite a few bottles.

Heat Transfer Quiz – 10.26.17

     — Heat Transfer Study Guide

— Reconstruction Quiz – 10.27.17

     — Reconstruction Study Guide

Let us know if you need anything!

October 7, 2017

Science End of Quarter Test and Study Guide

We wanted to go ahead and let you know about the Science End of Quarter Test. Since the students have so many tests right before Fall break, we decided to have the science test after the break. The test will be Tuesday, October 17. The study guide is below. The students will receive a paper copy this week.

End of Quarter 1 Science Study Guide

Let us know if you have any questions!


October 4, 2017

Notes 10.4.17

Hello! Here are a few notes about the upcoming week.

–Please encourage your child to study history at least 10-15 minutes a night. History is cumulative, and they will continue to see previous content on future tests.

–Only study the standards and items that are on the study guide. Our conversations in class will occasionally be about topics that will not be tested. Start with the study guide, find the notes that go along with that topic, and then begin studying.

Freezing, Melting and Evaporating Quiz (Verner, Guerre, Bahrke Team) – Friday, 10.6.17

Freezing, Melting, Evaporating Study Guide

End of Quarter Social Studies Test – Tuesday, 10.10.17

End of Quarter Study Guide

Let us know if you have any questions!