Prior to the Civil War

5.1 Compare and contrast the myth of the Antebellum South to the realities of the region including the harshness of slavery, increased immigration to urban areas, and growth of railroads.

5.2 Interpret the sectional differences between the North and the South in economics, transportation, and population.

5.3 Use primary sources to analyze multiple samples of abolition leaders’ writings and their stance on slavery, including:

  1. Sojourner Truth
  2. Frederick Douglass
  3. the Grimke sisters
  4. William Lloyd Garrison

5.4 Draw on information from multiple print or digital resources explaining the events that made slavery a national issue during the mid-19th century, including:

  1. Missouri Compromise
  2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  3. Compromise of 1850
  4. Brook’s attack on Sumner
  5. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  6. John Brown’s Raid
  7. Dred Scott case