By Emi Taylor

Many students have bottle flipped without a moment to cease. Teachers have said that they would fine 5th graders $100 classroom cash for doing just so.  Mallory Baynes, a 5th grader says,”I think bottle-flipping is stupid.” Most have opinions spreading from Mallory’s to Brylee Goldman, a 5th grader. She says, “I think it’s awesome!” The lunch ladies seem to not be in a positive attitude with many children at HES bottle-flipping.  Many others have different opinions. Most adults do not like the idea of bottle-flipping. Some think it’s rude. Adults hope that students stop doing bottle-flipping. You can bottle-flip, but try to do it at home.

8 thoughts on “Bottle-Flipping

  1. Once Fatima flipped her chap-stick at lunch and got in trouble, weird thing is SHE MADE IT! Great article by the way! ?

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