Flipping Bottle Sensation is Ending!

By Braden Fischer

Recently, during the afternoon in a 5th grade class, two teachers were trying to fix something on a computer. All of the sudden, someone was flipping their water bottle over and over. The two teachers charged him $20 and decided that’s how much you will pay when you do so. This flipping bottle sensation is when kids get a water bottle, glue stick, or anything the shape of a water bottle, and flip it. It annoys teachers and has begun to become a popular thing kids in the 5th grade have been trying.  Teachers are trying to stop it the best they can, but it seems it might be a little tough.  Many kids have been charged for doing so throughout the 5th grade. These 5th graders are the leaders of our school showing respect, responsibility, and teamwork. These 5th graders will be in 6th grade next year, and we need to stop them from carrying this on to middle school, high school, or even college.

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