Stones River Battlefield Field Trip

By Ava Grace Diplock

Did you notice all of the blue tie-dye “BE NICE” shirts on October 5th? If your sibling was one of those kids, you would have known that they were going on a field trip. On that day, Mrs. Hamilton’s, Mrs. Dimmit’s, and Mrs. Dreyer’s classes set off on a journey to Stones River Battlefield. Most children would groan and complain about going to a battlefield, but it was quite breathtaking. Once we got there, we split into two groups; one went on a scavenger hunt, while the other group learned how to fire a cannon. If you won the scavenger hunt, you would get a special deck of cards. If you won the cannon firing, that means that you didn’t die! After we finished the scavenger hunt and the cannon firing, we took the bus to the Slaughter Pen. This historic location was the site where the Confederacy tried to run away and hide from the Union after they slaughtered the Confederacy. There were a lot of rocks which would have made great hiding places. While in the Slaughter Pen, we jumped from rock to rock all the way through. By the time we got to the picnic tables, everyone was starving. Unfortunately, there were a lot of stink bugs everywhere! Cailin McKenzie, a 5th Grade Student, shrieked at the sight of a stink bug near her lunch bag. On the way home, everybody was tuckered out. Most kids slept on the bus ride home. I would highly recommend, if you haven’t been to Stones River Battlefield, that you  should go.

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