Eagle Tickets

by Adrian Crowner

At Heritage Elementary School we earn Eagle Tickets. You can earn Eagle Tickets by being respectful, responsible, and showing teamwork. Also you can get your ticket pulled at a Heritage for a PBIS pizza party to have pizza with the principle. Coming from me, a person who has done it, it is super fun and delicious. One way you can earn Eagle Tickets is by being respectful.  Respect is when you are treating someone with value .  When you are walking in the  hallway, make sure you are quiet because other people are still in class. Helping someone can be very respectful. Another way you can earn Eagle Tickets is being responsible. Being Responsible is when you keep track something or when you are doing something you are supposed to be doing. Examples: doing your work, reading, or having an organized binder.  The last way you can earn Eagle Tickets is by showing teamwork. Teamwork: working together in a group with 2 or more people.  Teamwork is very important.  Some of the time you can get more things done than doing it by yourself.  In conclusion, being a student at Heritage Elementary is all about learning and being a good citizen.

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