Are Multiplication Charts Considered Cheating?

By  Benjamin Salvatore and Christopher Martin

Have you ever been wondering what a multiplication problem is and then you look at a multiplication chart and figure out the answer? It may be helpful, but is it considered cheating? My teacher has a multiplication chart in her room and I don´t like it because I feel it will let kids cheat during a test if they look up on the wall. It is fair for 3rd graders because they have just started learning and they need some help. If kids need help, than they should ask the teacher or have their parents help them, and by now, kids should know their multiplication facts off the top of their head. But that´s just my opinion.

Some other argue that,¨I bet the teachers will take them down for TN Ready anyway.¨ I interviewed a former teacher and she said,” I think that multiplication charts could help kids memorize their multiplication facts and help some kids study during class or in their free time.” Another student also said,” You could be taking a test and you have been fooling around the whole time. You only have 15 minutes until test time is over and you look up on the wall and figure out all the answers. You get an A on the test when you don’t even deserve it! Its unfair to the kids who actually study!

I interviewed a student from Heritage Elementary and he said,” I don’t like the idea of charts because kids can cheat on tests. Its OK for 3rd and 4th graders, but 5th graders should know and memorize their facts.”

So, the question is,  are multiplication charts  cheating or not?








6 thoughts on “Are Multiplication Charts Considered Cheating?

  1. i don’t know my multiplication facts so i like the charts but to be fair i might fail a test because i don’t know them

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