Gravy Dead or Alive?

By Emi Taylor

Dear Students of HES,

On Monday, November 24th of 2016, the cafeteria ruined gravy. The light, spoonfuls of pure deliciousness, dead, according to some.  Mikayla Stolle told me that day, “HOW DID THEY RUIN GRAVY?!” From that opinion to Jasea Howell says, “It was fine, I guess.” The gravy I must say, was replaced with this white soupy substance.  There are many opinions in the world about this new gravy, so please share!

7 thoughts on “Gravy Dead or Alive?

    1. I assure you the gravy looked like wet cement. You would probably not try to eat this gravy. Though, there is such thing as white gravy. But why serve it if nobody has ever tried to eat it? Congratulations on Mayor! I know that was a couple weeks ago, but whatever!

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