Ms. Dolan: The New Teacher

By  Andie Weaver and Madison Burnett

Ms. Dolan is a new first grade teacher in our school. We interviewed her and here are our results.”  Ms. Dolan, how many schools have you taught at?” we asked her. “I have taught at three schools, not  including Heritage,” she answered.  “Stuart Burns, Ecole Publique Jean Albany, Ecole Publique Raymond Mondon.” Did you ever go to a private school?” we asked. ” Yes, K-6th grade I went to a private school.” ” Where did your parents live?” we asked. ” My parents lived in Illinois.” ” What is your favorite thing about Heritage?” we asked. ” My favorite thing is that all of the kids listen.” she replied. “Are there any changes in Heritage Elementary that you would enjoy?” we questioned. ” I would really like it if the teachers in different grades would try to work together more.” If you would like to reach Ms. Dolan, she can be found in the first grade hallway across from the gym.

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