Extensions In the Classroom

By Katelyn Malone, Hope Pinckard, and Taylor Scott

What’s something addicting that most kids love to play? Extensions! Extensions are software programs that you can download on to your computer, like small games, sounds and other items. Kids are playing them in math stations, RTI, and down time.   We interviewed a student, who doesn’t like them.  She thinks they are distracting, a waste of learning time, and kids should not be playing them during school.  We also interviewed a student that agrees with the use of extensions, he says,  ” Extensions are a fun way to mess around when you are finished doing work or bored in class.  I play them pretty often and like playing them.”  Our teacher believes that, ”Extensions can be a distraction and they take away students’ learning time.”  Even though many liked extensions, our technology teacher,  Mrs. Hillenmeyer, made extensions a thing of the past!

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