Should Water Bottles Be Allowed In Class ?

By David Seaman

Recently there have been a lot of water bottle spills in my class. There was even a teacher that fell! Now lets get to the point, water bottles have been falling, spilling, breaking and flipping, so should they be allowed in class? I personally I’d say “no”, but only for people that misbehave with them. I asked Briley her opinion, “I think that all people should have water bottles in class so that they don’t have to get up in class to get water from the fountain.” I also asked Matthew, “I think they should not have not have them because people are flipping them.” Do you think they should be allowed in class?



2 thoughts on “Should Water Bottles Be Allowed In Class ?

  1. I think that they should, but no flipping them. Just be careful and keep them safe from the edge of the desk. Make sure to keep the cap on tight.

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