Is Your Friend a True Friend?

By Andie Weaver, McKenna Kaufman, and Madison Burnett

Have you ever wondered if your friend is a true friend? Well, now you will know.  There are many ways to find that out.  For example, how much does your friend know about you? If your friend  knows some of your favorite things, they are probably just a person who knows. Some people may know a lot about you, but that doesn’t mean they are your friends. They should know: what state you live in, your sibling’s and your pets’ names.  If your friend is a good friend they should do things for you every once and a while. If your friend is a true, good friend, they should give you good advice.  Your friend should always protect you, and be sweet to you, even if you get into a lot of fights.  Friends should be included in most activities, and not left out. If your friend gets in little fights with you, they are definitely your true friend.  When your friend is mad at you, just leave them alone, because you may need a little break from each other.  If you have any drama between you and your friend a lot, go to Mr. Hovdet.  He has very good advice.  Mr. Hovdet’s room is located in the room right across from the lunchroom.  Trust us, he will make everything better for you both. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what true friends will always be your friend.

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