Breakfast With Santa

By Jolee Oldham

At Breakfast With Santa there were lots of fun activities for the kids to do. The kids got to make food for Santa’s reindeer where they mixed all the reindeer’s favorite snacks. There was also an ornament bookmark craft table. The bookmarks were little scratchpads that you could make your own design on. You could also make a jingle bell necklace. To make the necklace you took a pack  with a string and bells then put the bells on the string. There was also the snowball room. In the snowball room you used foam balls and threw them at the other team. Last but not least, there was the Glee performance. The HES Glee sang lots of Christmas songs to entertain the parents. The most important thing was the pictures with Santa. There you got to have your picture taken with Santa.  You also got to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas.  If you’re in 4th grade or below make sure to go and have fun at the HES Breakfast with Santa next year.


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