Eagle Pride for Third Graders

By Madison Burnett, McKenna Kaufman, and Andie Weaver

We interviewed two third grade Eagle Pride winners, and asked them five questions about their accomplishment.  How did  you feel about winning it?” I liked it,” said Hope Hood.  “I felt really good about winning,” said Cannon Spidle.   Were you nervous going in front of the whole school and shaking hands with Fatima, Max, Mrs. Robertson, and Mrs. Elliot,  or was it fun and you would do it again?  They both said that they would do it again.   Do you know why you won or did you just go up and smile your biggest, brightest smile?  They both said that they followed all of the Eagle Expectations.  Did you think you were going to get the Eagle Pride award? Hope said,” I didn’t really know.”  Cannon answered,”It was my first year, so I didn’t know.” If you could describe winning Eagle Pride  in one word, what would it be? “Great,” said Hope.  “Happy,” said Cannon.  Have any of your friends won Eagle Pride?  “Yes,” they both said. “I recommend Matti Bible to have Eagle Pride,” Hope said. ” I recommend Allie Grace Fowler,” Cannon said.  Remember to always Be Nice.


We interviewed two 3rd grade Eagle Pride winners and asked them 5 questions about their accomplishment.


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