Are STARS Tests Fair?

By Ava Grace Diplock

Recently, students have taken time out of their learning time to take STARS Testing on Renaissance Learning.  Williamson County Schools has now decided that we will not be taking it during specials, but instead, during our learning time.  I understand that some students were complaining that they were missing their favorite specials, but I don’t think that we should be missing learning time.

If you have taken a STARS Test, you have probably heard your teaching saying, “There is no point in cheating because everybody’s questions are different.” I honestly don’t think that that’s really fair!  Some student’s questions are a different difficulty, some are easy other’s are questions that we haven’t even learned how to do.  If you did good on the most recent STARS Test the next one will most likely be harder.  Let’s say that someone that is really smart gets harder questions and gets most of them right.  The people that might find learning more difficult would get the easier questions and might get a lower score.  If another person gets easier questions it will show that they aren’t on as high of a level as the person who got most of the difficult questions.

If you don’t pass a specific STARS Test, then for R.T.I until the next STARS Test, you might have to meet with a teacher who specializes in that subject.  If you don’t really need help with that subject then what’s the point?  That’s exactly why I believe that STARS Tests are not really fair.  If you have a different point of view, that is totally fine, but that’s just what I believe.

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