Healthy Habits

by Addison Church

I have recently noticed a lot of students at Heritage have been getting ice cream every day in the cafeteria at lunch. Although ice cream is a tasty treat, it is not the healthiest. Hope Pinckard recently said that it is just not healthy. Instead of ice cream, have some fruit or tasty veggies that you like. How do you think Wonder Women got all her strength? By eating healthy foods!

When you get home you do your homework then play outside, right?  For a lot of kids it’s a no.  A lot of kids like to sit home watching television or playing video games, but the better thing to do is to play outside. Playing outside gets your bones and muscles healthy and strong, plus you get fresh air.  Simply by listening to your favorite song and dancing to it, or playing a game of kickball with your friend is a great way to get exercise.

I hope this article will encourage you to eat healthier foods and get outside and exercise. You may think of some more ideas to get exercise or eat healthier. After taking this advice,  you will be a SUPER KID.


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