Getting to Know: Mrs. Magee

by Mattilyn Moyle & Adrian Crowner

We  interviewed a fourth grade math teacher, Mrs. Magee . We asked her questions and she told us answers to the best of her ability. We asked her what is her favorite part of being a fourth grade teacher. She responded, “Getting to work with the best teammates ever and and some awesome kids.”

Kids: Just one- Emaline River, age 1                                                   

Years of being a teacher: 4 years

Her favorite grade to teach: 4th

And also her favorite…..

Type of music:   Indy       

Song:  “Mystic Wife”

Color: Teal

Thing to do with family: Shop and go out to eat

Sport to play: NONE!!

Sport to watch: David Beckam

Board game:  Life

Book: Wonder 

Movie: Elf


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