Being a New Student at Heritage

By Audrey Davenport & Hope Hood

Being a new student at Heritage Elementary School can be exciting, interesting, and all sorts of things! A new student can be anyone from a kindergartner to a brand new 5th grader. Being a new student can be like moving to a new home, and sometimes, it is! For example, a new kid from last year named Lilly Necci says: “It was kind of scary, and everything was all new. I didn’t really know what to do. New people, new school, at first I didn’t even know where the library was.” Some things that were different to her were having switch teachers, the weather, having two playgrounds, different teachers, and living in a different place. “It was kind of difficult to make friends at first, but on the first day I only knew around 3 or 4 people, and I had only just met them.”  We hope that the welcome is warm and friendly to future students. All in all, being a new student at Heritage Elementary School can be scary at first, but exciting in the end.

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