Recess Arguments

By Kade Holman & Mason Rogers

Have you ever gotten into an argument at recess?  Maybe you were playing football and the other says it’s 3rd down but you and your teammates say it’s 4th down.  Then all of a sudden a little disagreement turns into a 15 minute argument.  Now doesn’t that sound a little ridiculous.  But this happens almost every day, in almost every grade.  If you were playing soccer and you were goalie.  You were running up to the ball when someone on the other team kicks the ball and it hits your leg.  The ball amazingly stops right on the goal line.  You rush back and kick the ball out there.  Everyone starts arguing whether the soccer ball was in the goal or if the ball was just outside of the goal.  You then end up wasting the rest of your recess.  Now that you’ve heard a few examples of recess arguments,  you may want to stay out of any arguments at all.   Here’s how you do it.   First of all, stop the argument early so the argument won’t waste your whole recess.   Second of all, if you want to avoid recess arguments just skip the argument and keep playing like it never even happened. Third of all, you can just walk away and go do something else.   


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