Eagle Pride

By Kaylie Lawhun & Olivia Redmon

Eagle Pride is an award that you will receive when you are being responsible, respectful, and you are showing teamwork. Once in a while, we have assemblies in the gym and we can earn our Eagle Pride award.  First off, our principal normally explains to the school what Eagle Pride is, and then she announces our two learning leaders, Peyton and Evan.  She says, ” If your name gets called, come up and receive your backpack tag, and stand on the stage.”  Later on, you will receive a certificate and a T- shirt from your teacher that has the principal’s signature on it.  Then Mrs. Walters will read a list from each class and announce the Eagle Pride winners.  Everyone will applaud you when Mrs. Walters is finished reading the names.  A couple moments later,  Mrs. Robertson will let the parents come and take pictures of their children.  Then after that, all the kids will be dismissed. So if you know you get Eagle Pride, you know you have been a great leader for Heritage Elementary.




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